TOP MIX Waggler Floats

Floats with balsa body and sarcanda stem equipped with a fine insert for bream fishing. The loading is adjustable with round weights of 0.22 g. The perfectly straight sarcanda stem makes these wagglers ideal for accurate distance fishing.

The above mentioned short description can be read about the TOP MIX waggler floats on the pages of our web shop. But these floats are worth more than the words suggest.

First, let we take a closer look at the nowadays popular waggler floats, in general.

One can find a swivel on the bottom of the float, embedded in a brass load. The load is adjustable with small brass discs. A nut for the load is inserted into the balsa body, and the float has a peacock stem with fixed or changeable bristle. (The peacock stem of EXNER floats can also be changeable.)

It is a good and widely used solution with some pros and cons.

When we started to develop the TOP MIX waggler floats, we want to eliminate the drawbacks of the peacock floats, namely:

1. The float apt to stroll in the air due to the inappropriate position of the nut (and the load) at the base of the float.


 The nut fixed into the balsa body.


2. The fine tuning of the float. Up to now it can only be solved with small brass discs or additional led shots on the line.

3. The peacock stem can be bent which negatively influence the casting distance and accuracy. There is no straight peacock feather. The manufacturers use heat to straighten it. But it is only a matter of time or some heat when will assume the stem its original shape.

4. The painting on the surface of the peacock stem do not last long, despite the surface polishing. It is a common experience of all the anglers who used these type of waggler floats.


 The traditional waggler float after some heavy use.


During the development of our floats we have benefitted from the great experience of Attila Nagy (EXNER floats).

Due to our common effort the new, 2nd generation of TOP MIX waggler floats were born in their final form. These floats cannot be perfect, of course, it would be impossible, but we collect the knowledge and experience of competitors to build a versatile and durable float which is ready to use even on the greatest competitions.

Let we enumerate the highlights:

1. A nut made of plastic is inserted into the balsa body, which has essentially no weight. There is no built-in load. Due to the plastic the body can not be in contact with water - the danger of leak is eliminated. The thermal expansion of plastic and balsa is much more similar than of metal and balsa, so the gluing holds better - it is also a fact against of leak. The nut is an EXNER improvement.


 Plastic nut.


2. In the nut there is some free space to insert some No. 9 or 10 shots for fine tuning of the float.


 The nut, cut in half with the fine-tuning shots.


3. The stem is made of sarcanda instead of peacock. This material is similar to peacock with respect to their specific density, but it is straight and do not apt to bend. It is nearly parallel-walled and can be selected accurately. The floats will be strictly the same, and you can change them on the line without the need of re-shotting.

4. A further advantage of the sarcanda that it can be painted well. Our floats will not be battered and cracked.

5. It is an EXNER invention that the TOP MIX waggler floats can easily be transform to sliders unscrewing the load and inserting a ?slider' attachment - can be seen in the picture.

In fact, we get a slider float with no load. The thicker bristle needed by the method, can be attached to the end of the stem.


 The ?slider' attachment



 The transformation of a waggler float to a slider


 The loading weight of the slider can be changed


From the next year we pack with the float besides the three bristles for bream fishing a bristle for slider fishing and a ?slider' attachment.

 The pack of the floats for the year 2008.


I realy hope, that our newly invented waggler floats will be to your satisfaction.

József Papp (TOP MIX)